Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Human or not?

Here's an article in the "Globe & Mail" from Toronto, on an unborn baby having heart surgery in utero. Amazing!
“TORONTO — In what’s being called a Canadian first, Toronto doctors have successfully performed a heart procedure on a fetus inside the womb.

A team of doctors at the Hospital for Sick Children and Mount Sinai Hospital expanded one of the baby’s heart valves using a balloon catheter. The device was inserted through the mother’s abdomen and then into the fetus to reverse heart failure before delivery.

Sick Kids Hospital says the procedure allowed the baby to remain safely in utero for a crucial extra month before her birth on April 15.

Within an hour of Oceane McKenzie’s birth, she had another procedure, and a third followed a few weeks later. Doctors say Oceane is well on the road to recovery and will soon be going home.”

End of Article

I try not to talk too much about this stuff because there's just so much back & forth on the issue with both sides getting so upset that usually nothing is accomplished but yelling & arguing. But, those who heavily promote pro-abortion probably will not care for this article. It refers to this little girl as “fetus-baby-fetus-baby-Oceane McKenzie.” This is clearly a fetus, which is also a baby, who also has a name.

Under Canadian law her mother could have changed her mind after the heart operation and had Oceane killed by an abortionist at any moment up until the baby emerged from the birth canal. So how can we say that abortion is not killing a person? Could it be that Oceane was a person because her mother wanted her? So one human being can bestow and remove personhood from another by an act of will? The last time that sort of thing was legal was in the days of slavery, right? Just how “progressive” have we actually become?

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